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美国国家航空航天局NASA每日一图(天文)-2017年8月14日(来自新视野的Charon天桥 )

2017 August 14

Charon Flyover from New Horizons 
Video Credit: NASA, JHUAPL, SwRI, P. Schenk & J. Blackwell (LPI); Music: Juicy by ALBIS
Explanation: What if you could fly over Pluto's moon Charon -- what might you see? The New Horizons spacecraft did just this in 2015 July as it zipped past Pluto and Charon with cameras blazing. The images recorded allowed for a digital reconstruction of much of Charon's surface, further enabling the creation of fictitious flights over Charon created from this data. One such fanciful, minute-long, time-lapse video is shown here with vertical heights and colors of surface features digitally enhanced. Your journey begins over a wide chasm that divides different types of Charon's landscapes, a chasm that might have formed when Charon froze through. You soon turn north and fly over a colorful depression dubbed Mordorthat, one hypothesis holds, is an unusual remnant from an ancient impact. Your voyage continues over an alien landscape rich with never-before-seen craters, mountains, and crevices. The robotic New Horizons spacecraft has now been targeted at Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU 69, which it should zoom past on New Year's Day 2019.


视频信用: NASA, JHUAPL, SwRI,P.Schenk&J. Blackwell(LPI); 音乐: 由ALBIS Juicy
说明: 如果你能飞过冥王星的月亮Charon - 你会看到什么呢?新视野航天器在2015年7月份就这样做了,因为它 压缩了过去的冥王星和夏恩与相机燃烧。记录的图像允许对Charon表面的大量数字重建 ,进一步使得能够创建从这些数据创建的通过Charon的虚构飞行。一个这种奇特的,分钟长,时间推移的视频 这里示出具有垂直高度和表面特征的颜色数字增强。 您的旅程开始于一个广泛的鸿沟,分为不同类型的 Charon风景,这是Charon冻结时可能形成的鸿沟 。 你很快就转过北面,飞过一个被称为莫多尔的五颜六色的郁金香,一个假说认为是古代影响的 不寻常的残余。 您的航程继续在一个 富有前所未有的火山口,山脉和裂缝的外来景观。机器人新视野飞船现在已经瞄准了Kuiper Belt对象2014 MU 69,它应该在2019年的元旦放大。您的航程继续在一个富有前所未有的火山口,山脉和裂缝的外来景观。机器人新视野飞船现在已经瞄准了Kuiper Belt对象2014 MU 69,它应该在2019年的元旦放大。您的航程继续在一个富有前所未有的火山口,山脉和裂缝的 外来景观。机器人新视野飞船现在已经瞄准了 Kuiper Belt对象 2014 MU 69,它应该在2019年的元旦放大。